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New Project: A (Near) Complete Trip Through 30 Years of Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (2013 Mobile Release)

Oh why do I do this to myself? I could have chosen something much simpler. I could have watched every show in the Brave series, I could have played the Super Robot Wars games that are available in English, I could have read the 50 books in my huge pile.

No, instead I chose to do this. This year is the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Blue Blur himself, and to mark this momentous occasion I have foolishly decided to start this new project where I go through all the Sonic media of the past 30 years.

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Kusoge Review: Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon

If only you were as good as your namesake.

Well here we are. The first review in this series. Shame it has to be for something I love so dearly. Today I’ll be reviewing Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon for the Famicom Disk System, released 15th April 1988.

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After a Long Sleep, the Time has Come – The Rebuilding of Final Fantasy VII

The day of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release is upon us. However I’ve already finished it having got it a week or so early. Here’s my history with the original and my thoughts on the themes of Remake and the direction it’s going in.

Warning: There will be spoilers beyond this point. Even if you have played the original game I would advise against reading if you don’t know what you’re walking into.

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